What Are the Best Domain Extensions for an International Audience?

Global audience

Your business site is accessible globally despite the domain extension you use. As such, you can trade with anyone regardless of their location through your site. However, your site may not work well in pulling the global audience. Hence, it may not rank well on the search engines from a global view.

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As the site owner, you can use several approaches to creating an international audience. Domain extensions selection is one of these strategies. Here are the five tips on choosing domain extension for an international audience:

Tip 1: The target audience of your site

Reports from Google states it uses country code TLDS to assess the country targeted by a web page. With this information, sites SEO ranking for your site in a given country depending on whether you have that country's code as part of your domain extension. For instance, a .us site has a higher visibility chance in the US than a .com one.

For this reason, while selecting a domain extension, you has to determine the audiences your web content or business is targeting. Alternatively, you can add redirects on your domain which should include a language folder for that particular country or else add Google translation on your site.

Tip 2: Consider a domain extension with an international look

New TLDs are now in the market. The presence of them gives you an option of selecting a domain extension with a global look. For instances, instead of having a .uk or .eu domain, you can go for .world or .online extensions. These extensions will position your site at a better chance for searching engine visibility regardless of the audience location. However, the new TLDS to gain high acceptability and trust by a large number of web surfers.  

Tip 3: Your marketing ability

A common belief is that dot com is the internet. People across the world have built trust and faith on domain names ending with .com. Any other extensions appeal fishy unless they have an association with top brands that are familiar to people. As such, you should consider your ability to build a following if the TLDs are not your flavor.

Tip 4: Possibility of spammer attacks

While some domains extensions help in enhancing your international audience, association with spammers make it a bad idea. In fact, the .biz and .info which had higher expectations of becoming a pizza and pie for online businesses ended up being spammers’ dish. For this reason, to build international trust and audience, you should consider a domain extension which is spammer free.

Extensions associated with global brands would be a better option. As the saying goes by “birds of the same feather flock together.” Using known brand domain extension puts you in a strategic position in the international arena.

Tip 5: The trending domain extension in your niche

Businesses do not operate in a vacuum, and the world is now like a village, thanks to technology. Whatever is in demand in one corner of the globe has a possible of becoming a trend worldwide. When selecting a domain extension, you should conduct a feasibility study on the trending issues in your niche. Being on par with the current domain extensions on that niche provides you with a gateway to the global arena. For instance, .tech is becoming the new trend for technology business domain extension. If operating in this niche, considering other TLDs would be a bad idea.


Choosing domain extensions for an international audience should be a priority for any business looking for global markets. Selecting a domain extension that would put your business in the world scene is not an easy task. However, above tips offers you a safer landing for making an informed decision on domain extensions to use.

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