10 creative uses of domain extension

With the passage of time and the increased importance of .com extension have caused a lot hindrance in searching of perfect name for your brand but using new extensions can help you to get unlimited options. BUT HOW? There are numerous ways of forming domain name which previously people were unaware. Domain extension can be anything you like; for example, if a website is common place to discuss something you can use “.forum” as an extension. Also, you can add a part of the name of your business as an extension; for example, if your brand is called “Paint the world in your way” and creating it domain name like “painttheworldinyourway.com” would be quiteverbose hence using different extension can open various options like “yourdesire.paint” etc. There are many more creative ways in which you can use domain extension to create unique memorable domain name. Following are the 10 examples of creativedomain extension:

  1. Demi lovato used the a very creative way to form the domain name for her fan club by using “.club” as an extension.
  2. A very popular technology show named ” Consumer Electronics Show” previously had site named “CESWEB.org” but then as the number of audience increased they changed the domain name to “CES.tech”. Using extension “.tech” creatively gave more meaning to the name along with being easier for the people to remember it.
  3. One of most popular movie “The divergent” also showed a creative way of using extension by using “.movie” as an extension.
  4. Previously google formed a company named “alphabet.com” but to make it more memorable to its visitors Google changed its name to “abc.xyz”.
  5. Keywords can be used to form a clever domain name. This way domain name can be meaningful along with being unforgettable. For example if you are a Detroit legal firm you may use “Detroit.attorney” or “Detroit.agency” etc.
  6. A famous Bulgarian Dekora Concept Store changed its name form “dekroconceptstore.com” to “dekora.fashion”.
  7. UK’s largest bank “Barclays” also showed an exemplar of using domain extension by changing its domain name from “barclays.com” to “Home.barclays”.
  8. London’s luxury real estate agency named as Black Sea Estate previously came up with “blacksea-estates.com” which seemed to be quite long so they changed it to “Bse.london”.
  9. Bay Real estate also decided to decrease its domain name length by eliminating 8 characters and coming up with “Robsullivan.estate”.
  10. A printing company wanted their customer to remember their domain name and so they created a unique name “Printnw.rocks”.

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