Alternative Domain Extension for When The .Com is Taken!

Whenever we think about the World Wide Web we make the association of the term .com with it. For years, .com has remained one of the most popular extensions for websites be it retail, companies, personal websites or more.

And due to the immense popularity of the .com extension, you will find it extremely tough to get a domain name of your choosing which has the .com extension because chances are all of the ones you like will be taken.

So what are some other domain extensions you can get instead of .com? These days there are dozens with more extensions entering the realm every single day. There is .net, .expert, .guru and .company. These extensions are great for you if you want to make a website for your company or yourself so people can visit and learn more about your products and services.

There are new extensions being added everyday like we mentioned above such as .club or .solutions. There are also some extensions which will be added soon such as .doctor, .shop, .shopping and .games.

Just because you do not find the .com extension for the website you want to create because it is already taken, does not mean you should give up completely. With the amount of other extensions which can serve as alternatives available in the market, you are sure to find something suitable.

The first thing you need to do is establish the kind of website you want to create. Is it a personal blog? The website for your retail store? Or maybe a website showcasing the expert services you offer? Once you establish that you can search for a suitable extension. For a blog or personal website you can choose .net, .guru or .expert among others. For a retail store you can wait for .shop or .shopping to launch so that customers know exactly what kind of website they are visiting.

You can even choose country specific domain extensions such as especially if the website is for a company. The country specific domain extension will help in clients visiting your site determine where you are geographically located. This might be especially beneficial if you are a retailer since products from certain countries are preferred by customers hence if you mention the country in the domain extension, chances are you will get increased business.

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